Hi! We are Favolla.

We are a specialized agency that creates solutions for Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration and Web Development. We combine form, beauty and function in a a lovely way.

The begining of our history

Once upon a time two people who loved stories. All that shows a different, unusual, unique and captivating world had a place in their hearts.

Knowing the power of storytelling, they made a decision that would change their lives forever. Prepared their backpacks with all the baggage that had already, fueled theirselves with inspiration, and set out for an adventure, towards the unexpected, and with a mission: to show the world that with the right plot, captivating characters and a touch of personality, a story can make a difference.

This is the philosophy that drives Favolla. Since 2011 we are here to help you tell your story and win fans, not just customers.

We work with clients of different sizes and business segments giving consulting, support and running several projects involving graphic design, branding and web development.

Our job is to be more than a service provider: is to be a partner for the development of your company. We help your business today to have personality, also thinking about the future.

Whatever you need, let's sit down and have a chat. We are sure that after knowing you and your business a little better we will have the best solution for you. We are not afraid of challenges: they moves us. How about we grow and prosper together?

The perfect plot

In all projects, we tell a story in steps. Learn how are each one of them.

1. Briefing

All stories begin before than imagined. In this first step, we talk with you to collect all the possible and needed info to understand the project as a whole, what are your needs, and what could be the best solution.

2. Research

In the second step, we try to understand the world around your business and began an intensive research of references, ideas and solutions for the project. The material produced here is the basis for the the design and development stage.

3. Design

It's time to get the hands dirty. At this stage, we work hard to develop and test solutions for your project. Then we show it to you and refine the result, until every aspect of the project is consistent with what you need.

4. Launch

We reached the end of the story. With everything ready and approved, we provide all the materials needed and implement the solutions created for your project to grow, to show up and be successful. Time to celebrate and conquer the market!

The storytellers


Diego de Oliveira

Designer. Illustrator. Web developer. Nitpicky. WordPress aficionado. Guitar. Sci-fi, action and adventure.

Thaís Toda

Thaís Toda

Social media. Criative. Situation analyst and idea maker. Photographer. Finances. Thriller and mystery.

Our Awards

Since the beginning of our adventure to the present time, we were honored to reach some achievements.

Mídia Festival - Galo de Prata

Silver Rooster

Mídia Festival 2014 - Branding

Awarded project: Echos Studio Bar & Produções

Mídia Festival - Galo de Prata

Silver Rooster

Mídia Festival 2014 - Design - Editorial Design

Awarded project: Revista Tesla

Mídia Festival - Galo de Bronze

Bronze Rooster

Mídia Festival 2013 - Digital - Sites & Hotsites

Awarded project: Favolla website.

CSS Winner - Site of the Day

Site of the Day

CSSWinner - site of the day (31/03/2012)

Awarded project: Favolla website.