Web Design, Social Media

Tesla Concursos Públicos

Public contests for engineering. This is the current market of Tesla Concursos públicos. Our goal was to redesign from zero the experience and visual identity of the company's main sales channel.

New website, new experience

and the connection between these types of information, and ensure that the crossing of the data bring the expected result for the visitor.

Other relevant details of the project are a responsive layout optimized for mobile devices and prepared for the most recent changes to the Google search algorithm, an e-commerce system for textbooks with multiple payment options, including PagSeguro, debit and credit card, and optimization for search engines (SEO).

Our role in this project was not only redesign from scratch the visual identity of the website, but also the entire information architecture. For this, the entire website interface has been rethought to deliver the most relevant information in the best possible way.

In this project, there were various types of information: courses, teachers, disciplines, academic backgrounds, companies that offer public contests, books, and more. One of the challenges was to optimize the administrative area to facilitate both the content insertion work,

Modular Design

Using WordPress as a content management system, we developed the layout of the website in a modular way. This means that each set of elements (called components) was designed separately, thus giving greater flexibility and reuse to the development of layouts.

The site's home page is designed to bring the most relevant information for the target audience of the company. The order of the elements has been carefully designed to bring, by order of relevance, different types of content, thereby increasing the chances of the visitors to quickly find what they are looking for.

Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website


The website ecommerce system works for the purchase of individual textbooks or collections of textbooks, through payment options as PagSeguro, credit and debit cards and bank transfer.

In the administrative area, you can view all the orders made, check the progress of each one of them, which is the best selling product, sales statistics, and other relevant details.

Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website ecommerce
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website cursos
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website blog
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website responsivo mobile
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website ecommerce
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website vídeos
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website ilustração
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website ilustração
Tesla Concursos - desenvolvimento website ilustração

Social Media

The presence of Tesla Concursos is not limited only to the website. We also do a job of managing its social networks, focusing primarily on the company's fanpage on Facebook.

For the fanpage, we developed a visual language that is consistent with the identity created for the website. The content of the agenda is defined in conjunction with the company. Much of the content shared  comes from the Tesla Concursos website, while others are designed specifically for the fanpage.

The purpose of the agenda is to bring relevant content to the target audience of the company and serve as an empowerment sales tool for both courses as textbooks.

The result of this work is a steady growth in the participation of the target audience in the fanpage, strengthening the relationship between customer and company. In this way, the customer is not only loyal, but also welcomes the company as part of its routine.

Tesla Concursos - gerenciamento Facebook fanpage